The Real Syory Behind Virat & Naveen-ul-Haq Fight in IPL 2023

RCB gave Lucknow (LSG) a target of 129 runs to win. Lakhnow half of his team was dismissed for 63 runs. And every time the wicket fell, Kohli seemed to do good aggression.

Because Virat Kholi and Lucknow coach Gautam Gambhir have been fighting for the past few months. That's why Virat Kohli was in a very aggressive mood.

Meanwhile, when Lucknow's batsman Naveen-ul-Haq came to bat, heated words were exchanged between them. And Kohli was seen to be overly aggressive.

And Virat shows the mud under his shoes to Naveen-ul-Haq and says your times are not even equal to the mud under my shoes.

Virat's main target in this match was Ghotam. From which Virat