Seema Haider

Seema Haider Auditions for a Film in India, Sachin Disappeared

Seema Haider, a Pakistani woman who fell in love during an online game and then followed this young man to India, is now on her way to enter Bollywood.

According to Aaj News, an Indian filmmaker has offered Seema the lead role in his film based on cross-border love and Aaj Seema also auditioned for the film. auditioned for, the video of which is going viral on social media. In the video, Seema can be seen performing a scene with a male actor.

According to reports, the auditions for “Karachi Se Noida” have featured the story of Seema Haider and Sachin Meena. The film is being made under the banner of “Johnny Firefox Production House”. Meerut-based film producer Amit Johny recently met Seema Haider at her home and roped her in his upcoming film based on this unique love story. Offered the lead role.

After getting a clean chit from the Anti-Terrorism Force of Uttar Pradesh, Seema while talking to reporters expressed her desire to work in films. Seema Haider has been offered the role of a Raw agent in the film. On the other hand, Amit Jani has claimed that he received death threats from Bajrang Dal leader Mono Manesar.

In his complaint to the police in Meerut as well as Noida, Johnny claimed that Mono Manesar alias Mohit Yadav had threatened him over a WhatsApp call not to cast a Pakistani named Seema Haider in his upcoming film. After the video surfaced, Indian social media users drew criticism, with some questioning why Sachin was not cast as the hero.






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