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Photos of Haris Rauf With his Bride Went Viral Within Minutes

National team fast bowler Haris Rauf shared pictures of his wedding with bride Muzna Masood on Twitter.

In the caption of the picture, he wrote “It’s always been you”.

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It should be remembered that Haris Rauf got married to his classmate Muzna Masood Malik in December last year, while the wedding ceremonies were held in the past few days, in which various personalities including the cricket circle participated.

In two of the three pictures shared on Twitter, Harris and his wife Muzna are seen wearing Barat and Wilme suits, while in the third picture, both of them are holding paan in their hands.

These are the Photos of Haris Rauf and his Wife Muzna Masood Malik.

Fans are expressing good wishes for the newly wedded couple.






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