Sunita Marshall Told About Accepting Islam

Sunita Marshall Told About Accepting Islam

In a recent podcast of Nadir Ali, Sunita Marshall Told About Accepting Islam. Model and actress Sunita Marshall has said in response to a question about converting to Islam that “I have no intention of converting to Islam at present.”

According to the details, yesterday Sunita Marshall participated in Nader Ali’s podcast where she talked interestingly, during which the actress answered questions and talked about various aspects of her life and the showbiz industry. During the podcast, Nader Ali Asked Sunita Marshall about conversion.

The host asked, “You are a Christian and your husband, actor Hasan Ahmed, is a Muslim. What religion are the children following? And what is your intention to convert?” To this, Sunita Marshall said, “Our children follow Islamic teachings. Hassan and I had already decided which religion the children would follow before marriage.” Neither is there any pressure on me from the in-laws, till date no one in the in-laws has ever told me about accepting Islam, I have a dream to see every place in the world, and I try every year to To save money by working throughout the year and go to a new tourist spot every year.”

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Nita Marshall had to say that “We have traveled to many countries and still have to go to many places, but as far as living is concerned, I cannot live anywhere else except Pakistan. My whole family lives in England, and one of my family lives in England. My sister lives in America and my brother lives in Canada, but I have to live in Pakistan.” Sunita Marshall expressed her opinion and said that “Pakistan has problems and joys, I think if you are financially prosperous then Pakistan It’s a great place to live, if you have the resources, I don’t think there’s a better country than Pakistan.”

It should be noted that actress Sunita Marshall and her husband, actor Hasan Ahmed, got married in 2008 and they have two children.






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