Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman formed a cricket team

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has Invited Which Personality of Pakistan to Form a Cricket Team?

Saudi Arabia has also decided to form a team to represent itself in cricket and for this important stage, they have chosen none other than a Pakistani, which will further strengthen the friendship between the two countries.

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Private TV Geonews has claimed from sources that Saudi Arabia chose Pakistan by rejecting the whole world for the promotion of cricket and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman has called Quetta Gladiators’ franchise Nadeem Umar for the promotion of cricket. Sources It is said that the agreement between Quetta Gladiators and the Saudi government is likely to be concluded soon, after which Nadeem Umar will form the national team of Saudi Arabia along with his team. The sources said that Quetta Gladiators is the domestic cricket system of Saudi Arabia. In this regard, former cricketers say that the selection of Nadeem Umar by rejecting the big names of the world is a great honor for Pakistan.






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