Mirab Ali told Asim Azhar about Her Marriage Intentions

Mirab Ali told Asim Azhar about Her Marriage Intentions

Famous actress and model of the Pakistan showbiz industry Mirb Ali has told her intentions regarding marriage with singer Asim Azhar.

According to details, actress Mirab Ali recently appeared as a guest on a private TV show where she talked about her engagement to singer Asim Azhar. She said that I got engaged to Asim because we The parents wanted to get engaged, one of the reasons for the engagement is that I and Asim liked each other.” Meerab Ali, talking about her intention to get married, said, “I don’t have any plans for the future. Don’t because when you plan something, you have high expectations and when it doesn’t happen, you get hurt.”

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“Obviously, I intend to get married, but wait until now, my focus is on completing my law degree,” he said.






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