"Aliza Shah Looks Mature After Surgery", Nazish Jahangir Statement

“Aliza Shah Looks Mature After Surgery”, Nazish Jahangir Statement

Pakistani beauty actress Nazish Ali has said that “Aliza Shah was very cute like a doll before surgery, but now she looks like a mature woman.”

According to the details, actress Nazish Ali participated as a guest in the famous media personality, Nader Ali’s podcast. During this, Nader Ali asked the actress, “Has she ever undergone any cosmetic surgery?” Appreciating the beauty herself, she said that her nose, eyebrows, and lips are all so cute, she sometimes wonders why she is so cute.” The actress said, “I have never undergone any surgery, I just take care of myself to keep my skin clear and share my beauty secrets with my fans.”

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Talking about actress Alizeh Shah’s surgery, Nazish said, “After the surgery, Alizeh Shah’s innocence has been lost, Alizeh should have gone at a ripe age, but she has already started looking very different and mature.” “Nazish Jahangir further said that “fame is not easy to handle, fame is gained but fame is difficult to maintain.”






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