How Much Did Salman Khan Get Paid to Host 'Bigg Boss 16'?

How Much Did Salman Khan Get Paid to Host ‘Bigg Boss 16’?

The reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ is the most popular TV show in India and has had different hosts since 2006 but from the fourth season, Superstar Salman Khan took over as the host and is still entertaining the audience with his charismatic personality. In Bigg Boss Season 16, the actor was paid INR 1000 Crores for the entire season, which has become the highest earning of his reality show.

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According to Indian media, from season four to six, the actor was paid a fee of two and a half crore Indian rupees for one episode of Bigg Boss. From season seven, his fee doubled and he started getting five crores for one episode, while in season eight it was Rs. The amount became five and a half crores. In seasons nine and ten of Bigg Boss, the actor is paid seven to eight crores per episode, while in seasons eleven and twelve the amount of fee reached 11 crores.

15 and a half per episode in season 13, while in season 14 they started charging 20 crores per episode and in season 15 the fee amount was 15 crores per episode.






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