Who is the New Partner of American Model Kim Kardashian?

Who is the New Partner of American Model Kim Kardashian?

After her divorce from Kanye West, American model Kim Kardashian gave fans some hints about her new relationship. According to Mail Online, Kim Kardashian was recently spotted with a man at a restaurant. This mysterious person has been given the name ‘Fred’. In the last episode of ‘Hallows the Kardashians’ by Kim Kardashian, the identity of this mysterious person is kept secret, only it is said that she is with this person in New York City. Had a secret dinner at the restaurant where she used to go with her ex-boyfriend Patty Davidson.

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When Kim Kardashian was asked about keeping her relationship a secret, she said, “I don’t want another failed relationship in the media.” I learn something from every relationship I have. One thing I learned from the previous situation was that I should keep my relationship under wraps so that I can choose a new partner out of the media eye.






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