2 Snooker Players were Banned for a Lifetime

2 Snooker Players were Banned for a Lifetime

The World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) has punished 10 players for match-fixing, including two Chinese players, Liang Wenbo and Li Hong, who have been banned for life. The WPBSA confirmed in a statement yesterday that 10 players have been charged with match-fixing.

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Liang and Li were banned for life while the other involved players were given suspensions. Liang, 36, who has been suspended from snooker competitions since last October, was found guilty of fixing or participating in five snooker matches, and attempting to persuade or enable other players to fix nine matches. And he placed bets on snooker matches and failed to cooperate with the WPBSA’s investigation. Lee, 32, is accused of match-fixing and inciting or facilitating other players to manipulate match results. was






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