Associate Countries are also Worried about India's large Share of ICC Earnings

Associate Countries are also Worried about India’s large Share of ICC Earnings

The financial model proposed by the International Cricket Council (ICC) was also questioned by the England and Australian boards. According to the details, from the new ICC financial model, the Indian cricket board will probably get 38.50% of the amount of 231 million dollars, followed by England’s 6.89% and 41.33 million dollars, Cricket Australia’s share is 6.25%. 37.53 million dollars in terms of shares while Pakistan was to be given 5.75 percent of the expected income of ICC.

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India along with the boards of England and Australia created the Big Three formula in the year 2014 which proved to be a big failure, the aim of this plan was to get maximum revenue but now the Indian boards are ruling alone leaving behind Australia and England. wants to. BCCI has strengthened its roots by expanding the Indian Premier League (IPL) while its franchisers have bought their teams in various leagues around the world, in which the players are paid crores of rupees.






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