"Mother could not perform Hajj and Umrah", Javed Sheikh became emotional for not serving his parents

“Mother could not perform Hajj and Umrah”, Javed Sheikh became emotional for not serving his parents

Javed Sheikh, a well-known senior actor in the Akstan drama and film industry, became emotional while remembering his mother’s hard work and efforts.

According to the details, actor Javed Sheikh expressed his regret in one of his interviews and said that “he could not serve his parents, especially his mother.” Javed Sheikh answered the host’s question and said that “in childhood, he was financially poor.” The conditions were not good, his mother raised 8 children in one room, took care of their needs, father used to go to work in the morning, after which he spent most of the time with his mother, during the household affairs. I used to help them and take care of my younger siblings, whatever I earned from acting, I would give to my mother so that the needs of my younger siblings could be met.”

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In response to a question, he said that “his father was not in favor of his acting, but his mother supported him and whenever he went to record a drama on the radio, his mother used to hide it from his father.” During the interview, he expressed his disappointment that “he could not make his mother perform Hajj or Umrah.”






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