Saqlain Mushtaq advised his son-in-law Shadab Khan

Saqlain Mushtaq advised his son-in-law Shadab Khan

All-rounder Shadab Khan’s father-in-law and former Test cricketer Saqlain Mushtaq advised his son-in-law to be a good person with hard work.

Saqleen Mushtaq participated in a private TV program during which host Momin Saqib asked her to give some professional advice to her son-in-law Shadab Khan. On this, Saqlain Mushtaq praised Shadab and said that Shadab is a hardworking child, he should keep working hard, but there are two types of hard work. Your heart will not be good, your thinking will not be good, then no one will be able to help you. Saqlain Mushtaq said that this advice is not for Shadab but for all children, work hard but be a good person.

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On the other hand, when asked to give an opinion about Captain Babar Azam, the former cricketer said that he prays for Babar that Allah saves him from the evil eye. He further said that talking about Babar’s temperament, even outside the Grand, Babar is very good with everyone, in our time, senior, junior and captain have separate places, but Babar takes everyone along, Babar has no pride. It’s not that he won’t eat with any junior, it’s not him, he eats with any junior and sits with anyone.


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