After Shahid Afridi's Statement, Najam Sethi gave a statement on Participating in the World Cup

After Shahid Afridi’s Statement, Najam Sethi gave a statement on Participating in the World Cup

Chairman PCB Najam Sethi has said that the decision to go to India for the World Cup should not be taken by Shahid Afridi, this decision should be taken by the government of Pakistan and India.

According to the private TV channel Dunya News, Najam Sethi said that these decisions depend on the basis of security. The government said that if you go to play in the World Cup, you must go. Lanka should be chosen, Sri Lanka says that it is difficult to play matches in UAE due to extreme heat. He said that Pakistan is the host, and the gate money is the right of the host. It can also be discussed.

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Najam Sethi said that the Asia Cup will definitely happen, if the Asia Cup does not happen, then the plan for a 3-country tournament is ready.

It should be remembered that the former captain and chief selector of the national cricket team, Shahid Afridi, advised the national team to play and win the World Cup scheduled in India.

In an interview given to a private TV channel, former captain and chief selector Shahid Afridi severely criticized Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Management Committee Chairman Najam Sethi for constantly changing his stance on the Asia Cup and said that he should not understand. Being the head of PCB is a big responsibility, so he should not change his position constantly.

He said that Najam Sethi sometimes says Asia Cup should be here, and sometimes says the Asian event should be in England, I don’t understand why he is giving interviews everywhere.

The former captain said that the chairman of the board should have a person with strong nerves, old age also has a negative effect, the responsibility should be held by someone with strong nerves.

On Pakistan’s threat of not sending India’s team for the Asia Cup, Shahid Afridi said that why they are saying about not going to India, it should be taken in a positive way, they should Tell the players and the captain to win the World Cup and come back to slap them in India.






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