Shoaib Malik explained the reason for media attention in his marriage

Shoaib Malik explained the reason for media attention in his marriage

The star all-rounder of the Pakistan Cricket team Shoaib Malik has expressed his opinion about the media coverage and people’s attention on his marriage.

According to private TV Geo News, the marriage of Shoaib Malik and former Indian tennis star Sania Mirza took place on April 12, 2010, on which there was a storm of news on Indian media including Pakistan, fans were expressing interest in knowing about both. In this regard, Shoaib Malik was asked in an interview recently that when you both got married, the news was the only news on the Pakistani and Indian media, so immediately after the marriage, you did not realize that it was something more. Is it done? Or were you hoping for it?’

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In response, the all-rounder said that the attention got in both countries, it got only because of Sania Mirza, there is no doubt that she is a super duper star, we got all the attention on the marriage only because of Sania Mirza. In response to a question about his wife’s success, Shoaib Malik said if you don’t like someone and he gets success, then you should try to show happiness. The cricketer said if someone is yours and he gets success then So your feet should not rest on the ground, whether it is your sister, wife, mother or mother-in-law. He said that in this matter there should be a balance, the man should not be on top, and both should walk together.


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