A 13-year-old boy bought a BMW i7 Car worth 11 Crores [ 386,087 USD ]

A 13-year-old boy bought a BMW I7 Car worth 11 Crores [ 386,087 USD ]

BMW I7 2023 Car is first bought by a 13-year-old Pakistani boy. And this car is self-imported. The kid loves this car in London. And told my parents that I want this car and I want it in Pakistan. And it costs 11 Crores in Pakistani Rupees (386,087 in USD). The child finally liked which feature of the car, to which he said I want this car and want it in Pakistan. The Boy said that this is why he liked this car. Because it was completely electric. The child further said that he liked the car so much with all the features that he told his father that I want this car.

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This vehicle covers a distance of 541 kilometers on a single charge. The main feature of the vehicle is that when someone is in it when they press the brake, the door of the vehicle closes automatically.

The main selling feature of this vehicle is that it gives rear seat occupants a 32-inch cinema display. Which may indeed be one of the main reasons for its high sales.





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