Visa free entry to 50 countries for Kuwaiti citizens

Visa Free Entry to 50 Countries for Kuwaiti Citizens

43 countries will need to obtain an entry visa through the airport or website

Kuwait City (Urdu Point Newspaper Latest. 03 May 2023) Kuwaiti citizens can travel visa-free to 50 countries, 43 countries will need to obtain an entry visa through the airport or website. According to Gulf News, the Department of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that Kuwaiti citizens can now travel to 50 countries without a visa. are provided, whether through embassies or ports of entry into the countries.

The bulletin lists a total of 199 countries that allow entry to Kuwaiti nationals, some of which offer visa exemptions and others that require entry visas, the list said. Out of 199 countries, 50 countries allow visa-free entry for Kuwaiti nationals holding ordinary passports.

It is found that they include 10 European countries, 3 countries in Australia and its neighboring regions, 6 Asian countries, 4 African countries, 13 American continents, and 14 Arab countries, meanwhile, 43 countries have airports or websites. An entry visa is required and 106 countries allow entry visas to be obtained through their country’s embassy.

Similarly, Pakistan’s ambassador to Kuwait has revealed the possibility of relaxation in Kuwait’s visa policy for Pakistanis. Malik Muhammad Farooq has said that there are strong relations between the two countries in various fields. They will come to Kuwait before the end of summer, these medical staff will work under the supervision of the Ministry of Health of Kuwait because Pakistani medical staff has shown their skills in the most difficult conditions, they played a prominent role during the Corona crisis.

He said that we have discussed with the Kuwaiti private sector to soon bring Pakistani medical teams to work in private hospitals, we have many skilled workers in various fields, and we are ready to serve Kuwait. And ready to provide opportunities for new generations to work in Kuwait and contribute to Kuwait’s development, the Pakistani community has played an important role in strengthening cooperation between the two countries, which have supported each other through many difficult times. Stand with

The Pakistani ambassador said that we are hoping to ease the procedure for obtaining entry visas for Pakistani businessmen and skilled professionals to further strengthen Kuwaiti-Pakistani relations, and Kuwaiti expatriate workers of various nationalities. In previous meetings with various Kuwaiti authorities, Pakistan has expressed its desire to cooperate in the field of manpower. wants to strengthen






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