Shahid Afridi's statement regarding his son-in-law Shaheen Afridi's batting

Shahid Afridi’s statement regarding his son-in-law Shaheen Afridi’s batting in 4th ODI

Former Pakistan Cricket Team Captain Shahid Khan Afridi has commented on the power-hitting of his son-in-law Shaheen Afridi.

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The former captain responded to Shadab Khan’s post on Shaheen’s batting. Shadab Khan commented on Shaheen’s batting video, “Does this hitting remind you of another Afridi?” On this, Shahid Afridi wrote, “I have high expectations from Shaheen in bowling. If Shaheen takes wickets early, then Pakistan will win.” Everyone knows that Shaheen is also working hard on batting, everyone has seen what he can do in batting, I have high expectations from Iftikhar and Shadab, Shadab and Iftikhar are very important in the team. There is character.’






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