Charles Swimme, the 40th King of Great Britain, was crowned

Charles Swimme, the 40th King of Great Britain, was Crowned

London – Charles Swim, the 40th King of Great Britain, was crowned in Westminster Abbey in which the heads of various countries including Pakistan participated. Charles has become the seventh royal head of state, succeeding Pushy.

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According to the details, the king arrived at Westminster Abbey with his wife Charlis Swaim and Queen Kamilla Parker on the royal carriage. The large number of people on the way paid tribute to them. Continuing along. The procession followed its designated route and “arrived at the West Door”. King Charles entered the church with Queen Camila and after the traditional prayers, the ceremony began, Charles signed the affidavit and took the oath of office. After the liturgy, the archbishop crowned King Charles with the 360-year-old historic King Edward crown. Queen Kamila was crowned after the king.

This is the first coronation of King Charles in the last 70 years. The coronation of the king in England began in 1066, it is the largest military procession since the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953. The other 14 countries of the commonwealth have become kings.

Charles became King of the United Kingdom after the death of Queen Elizabeth II on 8 September 2022. He is the eldest of her four children. Served in the Navy. He married Lady Diana in 1981, with whom he has two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. After Lady Diana, he married his close friend Camila Rose in 2005. 29,000 personnel performed duties for monitoring and security in the coronation ceremony. Two and a half thousand guests attended the coronation ceremony in Westminster Abbey, US President Joe Biden could not participate in the ceremony, his wife Jill Biden participated in the ceremony instead. .






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