The video of Hareem Shah kissing Pathan Ahmed Shah went Viral

The video of Hareem Shah kissing Pathan Ahmed Shah went Viral

Hareem Shah is a badass woman of Pakistan. And she has relationships with many people. They include some famous politicians, actors, directors, and others from Pakistan. Hareem Shah rose to fame from Tik Tok, the largest platform for short videos. She started gaining fame in 2019.

A few days ago, a video of him went viral. In which she is kissing Ahmed Shah’s lips. And that video immediately went viral on social media. Ahmed Shah says in this video. “Peechay to Dekho“.

There are many such videos on the internet in which Hareem is seen kissing in a seductive manner. What people think is bad.

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People think that Hareem Shah should stop this kind of obscenity. Ahmad Shah is a small child and should not be treated inappropriately like this. This is the part of children’s age in which they begin to do what they see. People criticized him for this move.

Some people commented that if a 22-year-old boy had been seen kissing a 6-year-old girl, he would have been charged with lust and arrested. And some said Ahmed was enjoying the kiss. But on the other hand, many others criticized Hareem and advised him not to do it.

We have given the video below. Please let us know your valuable thoughts about it.

Do you want controversial tik tok stars like Hareem Shah to be banned from social media? Or do you all support this culture? Let us know your valuable thoughts. Thanks!


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