Kholi vs Gambhir, and Naveenul-ul-Haq. The story behind their fight

Kholi vs Gambhir, and Naveenul-ul-Haq. The story behind their fight

Videos of the fight between Indian batsman Virat Kohli and Afghan player Naveen-ul-Haq are going viral on social media. But do you know the real reason for their fight?

So we tell you the story behind their fight. Match 43 of IPL 2023 was between RCB and Lucknow Super Giants. RCB, batting first, gave Lucknow (LSG) a target of 129 runs to win. When the Lucknow players came out to bat, they were seen in a lot of trouble. And half of his team was dismissed for 63 runs. And every time the wicket fell, Kohli seemed to do good aggression.

Because Virat Kholi and Lucknow coach Gautam Gambhir have been fighting for months. That is why Virat Kholi was in a very aggressive mood when opening against Lucknow. Which he used to see every time the Lucknow player got out. Meanwhile, when Lucknow’s batsman Naveen-ul-Haq came to bat, heated words were exchanged between them. And Kohli was seen to be overly aggressive.

And Virat shows the mud under his shoes to Naveen-ul-Haq and says your times are not even equal to the mud under my shoes. On which the other batsman on the pitch asked Kohli to leave here. This match was won by RCB. But when it came time to shake hands after the match, a lot of heat was seen between the two. When Kohli said something to Naveen-ul-Haq while shaking hands, Naveen forcibly shook Kohli’s hand. And then they started facing each other. But Maxwell, who was there, intervened between the two. And when Kohli’s anger cooled down. And Lucknow captain KL Rahul approached Kohli to speak. And called Naveen to talk to Kohli. On which Afghan player Naveen refused to talk to Kohli.

Virat not only faced Naveen in this match but his main victim was Gautam Gambhir. After the match, Virat and Gautam got heated again.

And perhaps they were eager to go ahead and beat each other.


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