Shaveer Jafry Age, Biography, Wife, Carrer, Networth & More

Shaveer Jafry Age, Biography, Wife, Carrer, Networth & More

Shaveer Jafry is a very famous Pakistani Youtuber. He was born on 26 Nov 1993 in Karachi, Pakistan. Shaveer Jafry Age is 30 years. He is a Youtuber, Celebrity, and Model. Shaveer Jafariri rose to fame through his Facebook page. And then created a YouTube channel on which he started uploading artistic content. And it went viral on YouTube. In this article, you will know his Age, career, Family, Wife, Networth, and more.

Shahveer Jafry Biography

Real name Shaveer Jafry
Age 30 years
Date of Birth 26 Nov 1993
Birthplace Islamabad, Pakistan
Residence Lahore, Pakistan
Country Pakistan
Nationality Pakistani
Religion Islam
Spouse Ayesha Baig
Profession Youtuber, Model, Flim Actor, Digital Content Creator
Education Business Marketing degree (from Canadian University)
Horoscope Sagittarius
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Height 5 ft 9 inches
Father (will be updated soon)
Mother Mano Jafry
Siblings 5 brothers
Brands Cloth Brand STY
Salary 8 to 9 Lkh Monthly
Networth 20 crore in PKR

Shaveer Jafry Age

Shaveer Jafry Age is 30 years. He was born on 26 Nov 1993 in Islamabad, Pakistan. His Birthplace is Islamabad.

Personal Profile About Shaveer Jafry

Shaveer Jafry is a Pakistani Youtuber, Who makes Vlogs on youtube and earns a lot of money. He has three channels 1) Shaveer Jafry 2) Shaveer Jafry Secound 3) Honest Hour. Shaveer Jafry also has a Facebook page where he has 2.8 million followers, And Instagram accounts where 3.2 Million followers. Shaveer Jafry has a Clothing Brand name STY. Which was launched on 20 July 2020.

Shaveer Jafry Carrer

Shaveer Jafry started his career as a digital content creator. He makes videos and uploads them to his Facebook page. In a short period of time, his video goes viral. Then in 2014, he makes a youtube channel name Shaveer Jafry and uploaded his videos on his new youtube channel. He makes funny vlogs on his youtube channel. Shaveer Jafry belongs to a rich family. He and his mother just living in Pakistan, but his father and brothers lived in Canada. It became so viral due to its YouTube channel that it later appeared in films. Because he is young and handsome, he has done ad shoots for several coffee brands, including Sprite Coal Drink and Mount Dew Coal Drink. He has also acted in a film in Hall itself, in which Fahid Mustafa was also present. The name of the movie is Barvaan Kahliadi.

Shaveer Jafry Education Qualification

Shaveer Jaffrey did his early education in Islamabad. After intermediating, he went to Canada. And got a degree in business from there and came back to Pakistan. Here they did not have the heart to do business, and they started making art videos. And later he launched a clothing brand. Which is loved by his fans.

Shaveer Jafry Brothers

Shaveer Jafry has 4 brothers, out of which Shaveer is the fourth. Shaveer’s brothers mostly live in Canada. One of his brothers is Sunny Jaffrey, who is a YouTuber. Where he uploads funny videos. And both he and his brother Sunny Jaffrey are married.

Shaveer Jafry Sister

Shaveer Jafry has 4 brothers. But no information about her sister is available on the Internet. However, she has a cousin. whose name is Sandus. Who lives in Pakistan. And often seen in Shawer’s videos.

Shaveer Jafry Family

Shaveer Jafry has 7 people in his family. These are five brothers. Among them are two YouTubers. And his mother is also a YouTuber. whose channel name is Manu Jafry. His father is a businessman. Those who live in Canada and do their business there. His four siblings and father live in Canada. While his wife and mother live in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Sahveer Jafry Wife

Shaveer and Ayesha met through Instagram. Shaveer Jafry says that when he woke up one morning, he started scrolling through Instagram and saw Asha’s profile picture, and he couldn’t let it go, so he wanted to friend Asha. Then he told me that gradually we fell in love with each other and on 17 October 2021 we got married.

Shaveer Jafry Networth

The Networth of Shaveer Jafry in 2023 is around 20 Crore Pakistani Rupees. They have several sources of income, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and sponsored ads. He also has a clothing brand, which has good sales.

Shaveer Jafry Marriage

Shaveer Jafry married Ayesha Baig on 17 October 2021 in Islamabad. They met through Instagram in July 2021.

Shaveer Jafry Instagram

Shaveer Jafry has an Instagram account, which has 3.1 million followers. shaveerjafry

Shaveer Jafry Twitter

Shaveer Jafry has a Twitter account, which has 234K Followers. @shaveerjafry

Shaveer Jafry Youtube

Shaveer Jafry has an Youtube channel. which has 3.29 million Scribers. shaveerjafry


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