Samia Khan has arrived at Shadab Khan's mehndi ceremony

Samiya Khan has Arrived at Shadab Khan’s Mehndi Ceremony

All-rounder cricketer Shadab Khan’s wedding celebrations have started in his hometown. Shadab Khan is getting married to Saqleen Mushtaq’s daughter and both of them got married a few days ago.

Today was his Mehndi ceremony, it was his Chandani ceremony, but let me tell you that Hasan Ali’s wife Samiya Khan was invited to the wedding.

Hasan Ali is the best and dearest friend of Shadab Khan and this wonderful friendship has been established between them for many years. Samiya Khan admitted in a post a few days ago that she is more excited than Shadab Khan’s family.

Hasan Ali’s wife Samiya shared some pretty pictures and a beautiful Insta reel from Shadab’s mehndi event on her Insta account. And she has also shared a video, in which she is applying henna on Shadab Khan’s hand.

Samiya Hasan Ali also posted some very cute pictures of herself with her daughter and Shadab Khan’s family on Instagram.


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