Shaheen Shah Afridi Nikkah with Ansha Afridi in karachi

Shaheen Shah Afridi Nikkah with Ansha Afridi in karachi

Shaheen Shah Afridi Nikkah with Ansha Afridi on Friday 3rd February 2023. Both of them got engaged a few years ago. And today both relationships are closed in marriage. Shaheen Shah Afridi organized this wedding in a luxurious marriage hall in Karachi. Shaheen Shah Afridi looked very cute and beautiful at her wedding. All his cricketer friends had also come to his marriage. This is Shaheen Shah’s favorite marriage, and Insha Afridi also started liking him after his death.  In This article, you will see Shaheen Shah Afridi and Ansha Afridi’s marriage pics.

According to their family sources, Shaheen and Ansha have reportedly signed their marriage contract today.

Shaheen Shah Afridi was born on April 6, 2000, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. While Ansha Afridi was born on Wednesday, Dec 6, 2000, in Peshawar. Ansha Afridi is the Second daughter of Shahid Afridi.

Shaheen Shah Afridi’s cricketer friends are also seen in the wedding video. Sarfaraz, Shadab, Naseem Shah, Babar Azam, and Professor Hafeez are seen among them. Along with Pakistani cricketers, Pakistani actors were also seen at Shaheen’s wedding.

Shaheen Shah Afridi looked very handsome in a White sherwani. Ansha Afridi also looked very cute and beautiful in the bridal Hijab dress۔

During an interview, Shaheen was asked a technical question about whether Ansha feels jealous about her female fan following, then Shaheen Shah Afridi smiled and said, “I don’t know if she is jealous or not.”

Our sources said that the marriage ceremony will take place today at night in Karachi, the city of lights. And close relatives and friends of Shahid Afridi and Shaheen Afridi will attend.

And let me tell you that a poster of a wedding invitation is going viral on social media. But so far none of the two families have confirmed whether the card is genuine or fake.

Some time ago, Shaheen had an interview, ‘Ek Din Jyo Saath’ which is aired on Jio News Channel, in which the host of the show asked Shaheen a question about his engagement and relationship with Shahid Afridi’s daughter. How did you grow?

We pray that they both always laugh and smile and continue to enjoy their lives to the fullest.


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