Brett Lee Shares Many Facts and Incidents about his First Trip to India

Brett Lee Shares Many Facts and Incidents about his First Trip to India

A few days ago, Brett Lee was interviewed on a YouTube channel. He was asked about his First visit to India. What was his experience like when he first went to India?

Brett Lee said that most people who asked him about his first trip to India often. Today I will give you all information about my first trip to India. Brett Lee Interview vidoe.

This was in 1994. I was about 17 years old when my mother and father did not ask me to go out and leave the house. Now I have lived in different states of Australia. but never internationally before so But never before at international level, so here I am doing my HSC and heading to India with my cricket bag and schoolbag to compete in the Australian Under-19s tournament like Matthew Nicholson and Michael Hussey.

Brett Lee said You know guys Like Robert Baker that played a lot of state crickets up against guys like previous Lakshman and Co Who would form great friendships and obviously battles of the field and use the cup in test trigger. Now I think about when I landed in India.

What was it like well it absolutely Nails every sense of humidity the heat its a sensory overland the number of people, but I just got this warmth from India. This love this uh Special feeling that when I landed that this will play a huge part in my life. Um, one thing I would always bring back from India when I landed was the hospitality, we didn’t stay in the nicest hotels.

Rather, I would go out for a walk, which I would be lucky to do now. But even the citizens in the hotels were hospitable to different things. And the way they want to please us is quite amazing. Cricket was tough and hot and times were tough, but I learned a lot we not only formed a friendship with the Australian junior cricket team at the time but as I mentioned the lives of Vius Laxman and company which were great. Will be partners.

In the last 25 to 27 years, a wonderful two-month trip to India was great. And now I am very awake from home. Um, you’re probably worried or surprised that I didn’t talk much about my HSC, now that I was studying there, but imagine coming home from bowling all day and being completely exhausted, and then you have three Read books.

So what will it all be like? I have done my studies and some research to try my best to pass my HSC, but it was hard work. So, ‏‏Mom and Dad, I’m sorry I studied too much. But while I was there. I gave cricket first priority over my studies and maybe that’s how it should be.

But see I had a great time in India and as I mentioned this friendship. That will last forever, but I came home with great memories and those memories will stay with me forever. This was my 27-year love affair with India.






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